Exciting Market Vending Opportunity

What a wonderful uptick in applications and interest in vending at market! So let’s talk details of the what where and who.

First off our established vendors are our first priority, we value their time and dedication to our market family above all else. So unless we have vendors selling out every week we don’t generally look for a similar product. And similarly when a vendor has life situations come up that prevent them from being at market for weeks or months, we do not replace them. We hold their spot until their life settles down and they can rejoin us. We are loyal to our vendors, they are family.

Secondly, we prioritize being a “growers” market, we do have some craft vendors but we are a food based market and try to facilitate farmers of all kinds. Farmers and makers come in all shapes and sizes, of what farm life looks like to them might be completely different than what you imagine. So what are we looking for in vendors that apply? Unique products and local made/grown only. Our market is 100% PA made or grown. We do not have any vendors buying in product for resale. 80% of what is sold at market MUST be created by the vendor. This generally means that the product sold at market is vendors livelihood. It’s what they do to support their family.

Also reading the bylaws outlined within the website would help you know if you are a viable candidate. So if you think your product ticks all these boxes fill out an application. We will let you know if we have the space for you or your product. And if we don’t have the space or interest this year please don’t hesitate to apply for next season!